Firstcall’s Skills

  • We are equipped with the experience in the financial service sector such as remediation projects, banking, innovative insurance workings, and capital markets.
  • We have the experience and knowledge in the Distribution Ledger Technology and Blockchain with a powerful understanding of business integration technologies, proof of concept remedies, architecture trends and vendor remedies in the market.
  • The skill to understand our client’s requirements and expectations so that we can articulate the trends and architecture alternatives.
  • The ability to understand transactional systems and the distributed systems.
  • We also have a solid understanding of the IT Architecture, IT Operation, and IT Service Management Concepts.
  • Practical knowledge and experience in the management of vast, Multi-faced complex IT transforming programs.

How is Firstcall Different from the Competition?

  • Our charges are very competitive and the major component of our fee is based on the successful completion of our client’s transactions.
  • We are not traditional business brokers; instead, we are specialists and command full authority in the areas we operate.
  • No matter the size of any transaction, we pay high-level attention to it.
  • We follow and support each client’s objective with in-depth research, rigorous analysis and meticulously designed solutions.
  • Firstcall would set achievable goals to the clients and efficiently push them to exceed those goals.
  • Our firm utilizes the latest technology to provide our clients with access to the global markets.

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