Helping Sellers to Succeed

Another important service that Firstcall Investment Banking carries out is helping our client sellers to succeed. To successfully sell a business may be a vital event of your life. Whether you will succeed or fail depends on the skill with which you used to determine the value of your company, locating the perfect buyer, taking care of complicated legal, accounting and tax issues, also to negotiate for timely closure. The FirstCall Investment Banking has helped many clients to effectively resolve these issues in a beneficial process to both parties to the transaction. To be precise, our experience and success rate so far will make a difference in your business transactions. In case you are in the process of selling your business,


Firstcall can help you in the following areas;

  • To compile a detailed analysis of your business so that you can understand the maximum market price of your Company.
  • We will help you to prepare a meticulously researched marketing program which is confidentially designed to showcase your Company to the highest number of prospective buyers.
  • Our firm will also help you to utilize the resources of our proprietary database which contains the acquisition criteria to serious international and local buyers.
  • Also, we arrange a professionally written and bound description of your Company which you can present to your potential buyers.
  • We will also accompany the prospective buyers when they want to visit our client’s on-site facilities.
  • To help our clients get ready for the first meetings with the prospective buyers.
  • We assist our clients in analyzing the different offers which they received and helping them decide the particular structure and terms that are suitable to their objectives.
  • Throughout all the phases of the negotiations, Firstcall will provide our clients with on-going negotiation and advisory services.
  • If you are in the process of selling your business, make out time to talk to Firstcall Investment Banking. You owe it to yourself as a duty to understand what you can benefit from our firm.

How is Firstcall Different from the Competition?

  • Our charges are very competitive and the major component of our fee is based on the successful completion of our client’s transactions.
  • We are not traditional business brokers; instead, we are specialists and command full authority in the areas we operate.
  • No matter the size of any transaction, we pay high-level attention to it.
  • We follow and support each client’s objective with in-depth research, rigorous analysis and meticulously designed solutions.
  • Firstcall would set achievable goals to the clients and efficiently push them to exceed those goals.
  • Our firm utilizes the latest technology to provide our clients with access to the global markets.

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